Blanche de Bruxelles - Brewery Le Febvre | Belgium

Brewed using 40% soft wheat, Blanche de Bruxelles has a naturally opalescent colour with a very white, dense head.

Coriander and orange peel added during wort boiling lend a slight but unobtrusive spiced nose. Although soft and smooth on the palate, as is typical of soft wheat beers, this light and well-balanced white beer is very fresh. Its complex aroma and modest alcohol content make Blanche de Bruxelles a beer like no other.

  • The look : Yellow and foggy with a thin white foam.
  • The smell : Aromas of yeast, coriander, malt, hops and spices.
  • The taste : Flavors of citrus, yeast, coriander, malt and hops.

Amount : 33 cl.

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