Brunehaut Bio Triple - Brewery Brunehaut | Belgium

Brunehaut Triple is a beer with a creamy and compact head that recedes slowly. The initial mouthfeel is sparkling. The body then emerges and brings with it a certain powerfulness, based on malted cereals with some fruity notes (yellow fruits) without losing its dry character and has very little sweetness. The bitterness develops progressively, pervading the whole of the back of the mouth. A somewhat heavy finish as the alcohol comes to the fore.

  • The look : A more coppery appearance and maintained, antique or light with a good persistent head.
  • The smell : The nose is relatively discreet and elegant with fermented touches and fine yeasts. Quite fresh.
  • The taste : The flavour is full of freshness despite the alcohol content. Then there is the strong side, it is full, fat and long. Nevertheless elegance remains at the end. Neither too sugary nor excessive caramel. A beer to drink with some hard cheeses, a young Comté with a fruity balance.

Amount : 33 cl.

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