Corsendonk Bruin - Brewery Corsendonk | Belgium

Corsendonk Bruin is made from roasted malt. It is a smooth, dark and top-fermented beer, a lively and bubbly beer with a rich head. Corsendonk Bruin is 1% lighter in alcohol than Corsendonk Pater. With a harmony of aromas of caramelized malt, chocolate and ripe fruit. Sweet on the palate with a slight balanced bitterness of raisins.

  • The look : Hazy brown in color and beige head.
  • The smell : Malty aroma, medium caramel, with sweet sugar and a light fruity.
  • The taste : Medium sweet, fruity and bitter flavor with a dry finish with a light body and medium carbonated.

Amount : 33 cl.

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