Duchesse de Bourgogne Cherry - Brewery Verhaeghe | Belgium

“La Duchesse Cherry” is, as its name suggests, a cherry beer. Brewed only with real Belgian cherries (no flavor enhancers or cherry extracts). The fruit comes from the region of Sint-Truiden in Limburg (Belgium).

Unlike the more famous Kriek beers, the base beer of "Duchess Cherry" is not a Lambic. but a red-brown from West Flanders of mixed fermentation. This beer has a high fermentation base and is then matured in oak casks where it undergoes a second wild fermentation. The tannins found in the foudres (a very large capacity barrel used to store great Bordeaux wines) give the Duchesse Cherry its soft, fruity, refreshing and bittersweet taste.

Once the base beer is ready, the master brewer adds 20 kg of “Kriek Gorsem” (Belgian sour cherries) to the beer per 100 liters. For 6 months, the beer macerates with the cherries. The cherries impart a fresh and fruity taste to the beer which has a sweet and sour base. After 24 months of processing, the beer is ready to be filtered and drawn off.

  • The look : Reddish brown in color with abundant pink head.
  • The smell : A deep cherry scent with fruity and vinous notes.
  • The taste : Sweet, fruity, refreshing and sour - sweet taste of cherries.

Amount : 33 cl.

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