Floreffe Prima Melior - Brewery Le Febvre | Belgium

After secondary fermentation in the bottle in the purest tradition of Floreffe’s abbey beers, it has a very deep, almost black colour with a brown head. The nose, combining aniseed, liquorice, roast aromas and white fruits, is exceptionally rich and refined. The power of the ingredients is obvious from the first sip, expressed in coffee and grilled cocoa bean flavours. The beer is robust, warm but not liquor-like, against the slightly acrid background of roasted malts. With its moderate alcohol level and its long, noticeably acidic finish, Floreffe Prima Melior is a connoisseur’s beer, complex but accessible. Stored under good conditions, the aniseed notes give way to woody, almost maderised notes, a must for lovers of matured beers.

  • The look : Black in colour with a delicate, beige head.
  • The smell : Aromas of toasted malt, liqueur, white-coloured fruits, coffee and cocoa.
  • The taste : Flavours of alcohol, wood, yeast, spice, toasted malt, herbs, caramel and vanilla.

Amount : 33 cl.

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