Moeder Overste - Brewery Le Febvre | Belgium

Moeder Overste is a triple beer with 8% alcohol content. With its full, strong taste, it is possibly one of the best brews produced by Lefébvre. Flanders and the Netherlands have been able to appreciate this heavenly beer for the last 15 years. Moeder Overste has a golden hue and is perfumed with spices, wood and fruit flavours mixed with malt to produce a fine bitternes It can be served cold at 5°C or with the chill taken off at 10°C, depending on one's taste. Enjoy!

  • The look : Hazy orange body, thick off-white head.
  • The smell : Yeast, caramel, spice, oranges.
  • The taste : Fruity, spicy, caramel, alcohol, orange, yeast.

Amount : 33 cl.

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