Père Noel - Brewery De Ranke | Belgium

Père Noël is a bitter Christmas beer with a hint of licorice. Bitter, semi-spiced flavour with a very long-lasting aftertaste.

Made for the end-of-year holidays, 'Father Christmas' beer, brewed by the Belgian brewery De Ranke is different from other winter beers. Whereas most Christmas beers are sweet and very rich, this beer takes a different tack, putting the emphasis on its hops.  

It's unfiltered, unpasteurised and top fermented, brewed with pale malts, caramelised malts, very aromatic hops , andspices. Its complex taste is enriched through the addition of liquorice. 

  • The look : Amber in colour with a generous head.
  • The smell : Bittersweet aromas that develop over time.
  • The taste : Caramelized and spicy with a dry finish.

Amount : 33 cl.

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