Rouge de Bruxelles - Brewery Le Febvre | Belgium

This beer which is brewed from a generous combination of the best malt and tender wheat contains 7% alcohol and displays a beautiful red coat and a generous frothy head. The fruity aromas that are obtained during fermentation are elegantly combined with ripe cherry flavours giving the Rouge de Bruxelles an original and complex bouquet. Warm and generous to the mouth with an acidity that maintains the balance between the strong malt taste and the fruitiness of the cherries, leaving a fresh aftertaste with no bitterness. A beer this fascinating and generous had to be called Rouge (red) and proudly display the colours of its beloved city, Brussels.

  • The look : Deep ruby in color and abundant pink head.
  • The smell : Fruity aromas of cherry and malt.
  • The taste : Malt and cherry flavor with a fresh aftertaste without bitterness.

Amount : 33 cl.

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