Saint Martin Blonde Bio - Brewery Brunehaut | Belgium

It is a blond abbey beer, grading at 7% vol alc. Golden color, clear, a sharp nose, vivacious and nervous. On the palate, a round attack, balanced and full. In the middle, a floral mouth, elegant and straightforward. A nice presence of bitterness and a noble finish. The Saint Martin Blonde is brewed by the Brunehaut brewery.

In XIth century Tournay, when the city only had barely 10,000 inhabitants, a cannon called Odon d'Orléans was unable to find a place for silent prayer and meditation. So he founded a new place to live and pray: St Martin's Abbey. In 1096, Bishop Radbot granted the monks of St Martin's the right to brew, a valuable privilege granted by King Childeric. And that is all to the good as in a time when plague and cholera reigned, people already knew that it was wiser to drink beer than water. The recipes of St Martin's beers have remained a secret. 

  • The look : A golden straw colour, with a strong foam once opened then the bubbles gently rise to the top and a good head remains.
  • The smell : Sharp, lively and nervous, fermentation with a touch reminiscent of a flowery cheese.
  • The taste : A round, balance and full flavour. In the mouth it is floral, elegant and direct, almost feminine. A great beer that perfectly suits cheeses with a hard crust or some fine Bries and Camemberts. The aftertaste has a noble bitterness.

Amount : 33 cl.

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