Saint Martin Triple Bio - Brewery Brunehaut | Belgium

It is a blond abbey beer grading at 9% vol alc. It is light golden, filtered, unpasteurized. On the nose, a start marked by candied fruit and a hint of acacia honey, a supple, round, full-bodied approach. On the palate, a full and rich attack, a nice tasting beer. The Saint Martin Triple is brewed by the Brunehaut brewery.

In XIth century Tournay, when the city only had barely 10,000 inhabitants, a cannon called Odon d'Orléans was unable to find a place for silent prayer and meditation. So he founded a new place to live and pray: St Martin's Abbey. In 1096, Bishop Radbot granted the monks of St Martin's the right to brew, a valuable privilege granted by King Childeric. And that is all to the good as in a time when plague and cholera reigned, people already knew that it was wiser to drink beer than water. The recipes of St Martin's beers have remained a secret. 

  • The look : A strong look, old gold. A strong, fine foam edge stays well.
  • The smell : he first nose is marked by candied fruit and a touch of acacia honey and supported by the fermentation to prevent it from being excessively sugary.
  • The taste : Supple, round and full flavour. Rich. The impression of a delicacy in the mouth comes before the thirst-quenching impression. A beer for tasting rather than quenching thirst. To be kept to be enjoyed by the fire with Herve cheeses briefly prepared in the oven with some Liege syrup (apple and pear syrup). A beer for gourmets.

Amount : 33 cl.

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