Triple Swaf - Brewery Silly | Belgium

Our brewer’s latest creation, the Triple Swaf, is a blonde beer that has re-fermented in the bottle. It is based on a recipe that is 100% original. On tasting this triple you will be struck by its 8% ABV with zesty aromas of coriander, followed by a subtle bitterness that nevertheless makes its presence felt. All this comes with a full-mouthed taste and a lovely lingering finish. An exceptional beer must have an exceptional glass and so we opted for a prestigious glass on a tall stem. Taste this beer and you are won over straight away.

  • The look : Deep golden color, with brilliant clarity, with medium bubbles, everywhere, bright and white foam, thick,
  • The smell : Aromas of beautiful malt, spices, coriander and hops.
  • The taste : Spicy side followed by a bitterness discreet but present.

Amount : 33 cl.

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