V Cense - Brewery Jandrain - Jandrenouille | Belgium

Amber natural beer, 100% barley malt, unfiltered, unpasteurized and refermented in Bottle. This beer expresses the complexity of the expression of 3 different malts with the hops used.

FoodPairing: grilled meats, cheeses and blue cheeses, desserts ... do not miss it, the cheese maker "A table" in Hannut refines / washes one of his cheeses at V Cense. A true delight!!!

  • The look : Orange and cloudy dress for a thick white foam.
  • The smell : Aromas of spices, fruits, yeast and wood.
  • The taste : Flavors of yeast, malt, fruit, hops, apricot, pine and caramel.

Amount : 33cl.

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